Ian Mathieson


Ian brings skills and a strong track record to analyzing and identifying why the bottom line of a business is too low. Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business and profit is its longevity. There are so many factors in getting these right and careful analysis and observation (plus a good nose for operational performance) are essential.

If a business isn’t performing well, the owners/managers probably are too close to the problems to identify them. An objective examination brings insight into needed corrections.

Rule number 1: Never lose money.
Rule number 2: Never forget rule no. 1.
Warren Buffett

Ian’s track record in this aspect of his consultancy includes:

  • Improving profitability to ‘industry levels’ for a regional hotel/motel/restaurant/; principally poor staff rostering and food waste.
  • Identifying unnecessary expenditures for a coffee importer/distributor/coffee shop operator/coffee shop franchiser; principally excess managerial staff overhead and excessive fitout costs.
  • Streamlining an engineering fabricator’s operation with cost-saving systems and controls from estimating through to workshop layout.
  • Identifying the costs of poor credit management – in both approvals and collections – for a transportable structures fabricator.
  • Developing management reporting systems, setting performance targets, overseeing implementation of workflow management systems, simplifying structure, process mapping for a design and construction consultancy and contractor.

T: +61 411600712  E: ian.mathieson@mathiesonmgt.com.au   W: www.whatdowomenreallywant.com.au