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The Effective Leader; How To Balance Your Mind, Body And Spirit At Work And At Home


The Effective Leader; How To Balance Your Mind, Body And Spirit At Work And At Home is a motivational leadership book which, through nine easy steps explores mind, body, spirit for the individual in the context of the work environment. Successful leaders need to access a wide range of strengths and skills, but the great quest of our age is about bringing balance into our lives. The Effective Leader focuses on the total person and offers ideas and understandings to apply to all aspects of life. The nine key chapters explore a range of issues facing leaders and potential leaders; how to communicate, motivate, engage, be creative, exercise choice, give one's self great customer service, attract talent and forgive quickly. This book will stimulate thinking and give creative and practical ideas to enhance your abilities as a leader.

What do Women Really Want


Authors Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson asked over 200 women: 'What Do Women Really Want?' From their discussions came this amazing book: loaded with stories and experiences from women and interwoven with comments, advice and suggestions. This website will stimulate your thinking and give you a taste of the book and some great questions to ask yourself.

Team Building Visualisation – CD


The Team Building Visualisation CD will assist team members to build a positive, vibrant team.

This visualisation will take the team on a journey where they envisage the future desired state and success of the team.

We are familiar with the idea of athletes using visualisation as part of their preparation for competition; visualisation works just as well in the corporate sector for enabling goals, outcomes and team objectives.

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Signposts for Balance in Love and Work – Book and CD


Signposts For Balance In Love And Work was written for the Japanese market designed for people learning English at medium competence (level 2 standard). It is written in simple, strong and beautiful English and is a valuable book for the English reader who likes a concise, easy-to-read and easy-to-access format. This book was first published in 2007 (IBC Publishing, Tokyo) and is now in its 6th print run.

There are 100 Signposts For Balance In Love And Work. Each signpost is a map for your future, giving you direction and guidance to assist in your life journey, helping to create personal achievement and satisfaction. The messages from each signpost will assist to develop a positive mindset and gives the reader ideas for living effectively in the 21st Century.

Each of the signposts gives valuable suggestions and tools to help the reader discover their own special talents, to be successful in their career, and to find happy relationships and love. The signposts can be read and as a book or taken in one at a time, absorbed as daily meditation.

If you want to find greater control of finding success, love, and happiness in all areas of your life, read Signposts For Balance In Love And Work.

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